Spark Magazine Community President
Community President of Spark Magazine shares a message with our readers

Message from Madam President

For our 15th edition, the President of our community shares a message for our readers

Working on this magazine with my friends has been amazing! Like most exciting tasks, it involved making sacrifices but at the end of it all, seeing our ideas come to life made the sacrifice all worth it. It all started when I had to gather my friends together to brainstorm ideas for this edition. Honestly convincing your peers to help you do something is not an easy task but luckily for me my friends were even glad to be part of it and I really love them for that.

The process started with us meeting to brainstorm some ideas that we thought our mates would love to read or watch. but as we worked on creating something exciting for you, we also had amazing experiences too like interviewing Oxlade and Music executive Gracey Mae. We knew that the magazine had to be interesting, entertaining, educating, and amazing for you all and I am elated that we achieved just that. 

In this edition, you will be inspired by how Oxlade started his music career, shocked by the crazy things people do for love, and informed about some really cool places you can hang out in the city.

I will leave the rest for you to discover yourself.

Special thanks to the whole community and the contributors who helped create this magic. 

You all Rock! 

Read the magazine below

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