Guys. These are the 6 kind of girls you will meet on campus.

The Rebellious Hardcore Chick

She is everything her parents warned her against. She is a typical definition of good girl gone bad. She was severely sheltered in high school tends to go crazy with all the freedom given in University. She always hates going home on holidays. She is the first to come to school and the last to leave campus. She loves the idea of sleepovers and just wants to have fun. FUN FUN FUN. Get yourself a ride and she will roll with you.

The Trophy Girl

She’s the cool and hot girl everybody talks about and want to be friends with her.  You better have your game on point because everyone else wants her. Be ready to take her out for dinner, give her surprises, spend on her and provide the emotional support she needs. Dating her is tough. Working professionals bring her food every Friday. She is the center of attention because she is in  a billboard and in a TV commercial. Be ready. She’ll ditch you if you not up to standards. The queue is long enough.


If you are not talking about academics, then don’t talk to her. She works too hard when it comes to academia and has no time to socialize. Most of her days are spent in the library and tutorial classes. Her kinda fun is going for outreach programs and camping activities organized by her church.Your GPA needs to be higher than hers or be on the same level. She needs study mates, offer her academic assistance and support and you will be friends with her. As for dating her, it may take a while but hold on my brother. Your patience will pay off one day.

The Tom Boy

Queens of the friend zone. She hangs out with the guys like nobody’s business, she doesn’t worry about makeup and Brazilian weaves. She maybe raps, plays basketball or is a DJ. She’s your homie. Relate to her like one of your guys

The Spoilt One

Her new MacBook was purchased from Amazon, she got the IPhone X even before it was launched. She has one in a room accommodation that’s almost a tourist attraction. She drives a car your parents bought in their 50’s. She needs nothing. The truth about the source of her wealth is drowned in rumors like her mum was an MP, her uncle is the President. A rich sponsor pays for everything.She hardly makes friends but Bra Fuckboy will find his way into her heart, help her spend her money and leave her quick enough.

The Party Girl

The one who has been to all the hot parties on campus, she is fashion conscious and doesn’t go a day without her makeup, sleek human hair extensions and nails. Her snap chat is hot with 1,000+ followers, she also knows all the cool guys on campus and is barely in class.Back off! College students are not her league unless of course you are a socialite and can sponsor some of her airtime, makeup and weaves. She won’t roll with you if you don’t have a car on campus and you have an upper hand, if you can get her into all the coolest and hyped parties on campus

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