Pearl Batista talks about her life as an Influencer and some of her favourite things in life

Pearl Batista is a successful and all-rounded social media influencer and content creator from Ghana. With such tenacity and an authentic style of influencing, she has managed to build a large online presence and worked with some notable brands.

In an interview with Spark magazine, Pearl Batista talks about her life, experiences as a creator and achievements by the age of 25

Spark: Tell us a bit about your childhood, family, school, hometown etc. What were your aspirations as a child?

PB: I come from a family of 6, my parents and my 3 siblings. I have attended a couple of schools but the recent ones are Achimota School for SHS and Knust for University. I spent some part of my childhood staying in Kumasi, moved to Koforidua and then to Accra. I come from Kwahu-Tafo and tbh I was never big on that “I want to be this in the future”. I always moved with the flow and God’s will

Spark: Anything you do for fun? Hobbies? Favourite meal? Music?

PB: I love listening to music and just jamming for fun. I enjoy sleeping so I can say that’s my hobby. I don’t like stress and I don’t specifically have a favourite meal but I love Kenkey and rice. I enjoy every music that brings me joy.

Spark: So to the main question: What would you say is your niche or speciality as an influencer? Food, Fashion, Lifestyle?

PB: I’m an all-rounder when it comes to influencing, I do not have a niche (not really the best) but I think that works for me and doesn’t limit me

Spark: Which social media platforms would you say helps you connect with your fans as an influencer?

PB: Twitter/X

Spark: What were some of the challenges you faced when you first started? Were friends and family supportive? Did you want to/ were you under any pressure to do anything else aside from this?

PB: I don’t do influencing as a full-time job so it has never been a problem, my parents are quite supportive except for the late-night events and all but I’m able to finesse it in some situations. But if there’s one thing I have learnt through these years, it is not to rely on friends or people for support, just do you. If you’re looking for support from people, you’ll be disappointed. Strangers are going to support more than friends.

Spark: At a young age, you sure have achieved quite a lot. How is the feeling? What is your biggest achievement so far? 

PB: I won’t say I have achieved a lot, but I’m very grateful to God for all my wins. My biggest achievement so far will be being acknowledged by my big brands for working with them

Spark: We see you interact with your followers a lot. How does that contribute to your success?

PB: Being able to have a relationship with your followers is all influencing is about, they’re a huge part of the whole success.

Spark: How do you balance having daily work and influencing? 

PB: It’s not easy, I can’t even lie. It needs determination and dedication. You also need to plan a lot otherwise it can be so draining especially when you have brand deadlines to meet

Spark: What are some of the brands you have worked with and which brands are you hoping to work with?

PB: By God’s grace I have worked with several brands. A few ones are; Uber, Gordon’s Ghana, Jumia, BurgerKing etc. I’m looking forward to working with more international brands and travel agencies in the coming year by God’s grace

Spark: Maybe a little secret. Let us in on something your fans/followers don’t know about you.

PB: Love is sweet and my man is the best.

Spark: Do you encounter negativity often in this career path? How do you deal with it?

PB: Twitter is my favourite app but it’s the one place I experience negativity the most. People are just unhinged there and no matter how you try to mind your business and avoid trouble, the trouble will still find you

Spark: Some people think influencing lacks the element of “authenticity”. What’s your view on this? Do you think everyone is faking it?

PB: Not everyone is faking it that’s why you need to build a genuine relationship with your audience so they “trust” your recommendations. Try to be very honest as much as possible

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