Top Boy is a British crime drama television series that explores how life changes in the streets of London as a result of drug trafficking and a violent way of living, breaking down the concept of being just a young person. Numerous media outlets and entertainment blogs have praised it as “The Best Series” available on Netflix. Drake enjoyed his tour because he was a part of the Top Boy comeback.

Later, he got in touch with the Top Boy production team to ask them to reconsider it for fans of the show. I assume you were unaware? This isn’t a spoiler, either, because Drake formerly portrayed Jimmy Brooks in the Canadian television series Degrassi: The Next GenerationWhile he expressed interest in bringing Top Boy back, he preferred to take on the role of executive producer and delegated production to the group.

The show generally has relatable characters so below are the top ten characters from the Top Boy series. Find out which character you relate with the most

1. Jamie played by Michael Ward

is the show’s breakout star ever since its rebirth. He begins as the leader of a rival gang before going to prison and eventually working for Dushane. He is quite similar to Sully; in that he is constantly at a moral crossroads between his career and caring for his two younger brothers. Jamie makes every effort to provide his younger brothers with a happy childhood. He has taken on the role of a father figure for them after their parents passed away, and his home life is a stark contrast to his life on the streets. Additionally, Jamie’s murder of Kit, his best friend, to save his family, demonstrated the lengths he would go to

2. Sully played by Kane Robinson

Ever since the show’s premiere, he has been a fan favorite. Sully is a hot-tempered man who does not play games with his money. Despite his fiery temper, he sets things right, and he and Dushane have been friends and foes at different points in their relationship. He is that guy who makes provisions for his family and strives to right his wrongdoings. In the fifth season finale, he faced Stefan, Jamie’s younger brother, who was prepared to exact revenge on his elder brother, Jamie, but Stef spared his life, proving he wasn’t worthy. However, at the end of the final episode, Sully was slain for who knows why.

3. Dushane played by Ashley Walters

is the main protagonist throughout the series; he grew up at Summerhouse and rises to the top of the drug cartel, becoming a Top Boy. He fled to Jamaica but returned to manage the controls in East London. Because he is so interested in gaining power and wealth, Dushane is a more complicated character who can occasionally be ruthless. But, in the eleventh hour of the final episode of the series, bad blood fell into his hands, forcing him to flee the country for good, but he was slain by Sully.

4. Jaq played by Jasmine Jobson

a high-ranking member of Dushane’s gang. Her charisma has pulled others in because of her selfless and altruistic character, which has made her an exceptionally likable person. Although she had trouble working with Dushane at first, she soon won his respect and showed her loyalty.

5. Stefan ‘Stef played by Araloyin Oshunremi

Jamie’s younger brother. His best friend Ats gets entangled in Jamie’s world and dies, thus during the second series, he leans to Jamie but his bond with him is tense. Stef ultimately becomes the show’s biggest victim since he yearns for a typical family life that he will never be able to have. He is a fantastic character since it is easy to see the suffering he endures, which at times makes it difficult to watch

6. Rapper Santan Dave

appeared in Season 3 as the major antagonist. In his absence, Jamie fills in for him while he is imprisoned. He famously escaped from prison, and now he’s determined to reclaim his reign by any means necessary. Despite barely appearing in many episodes, he commands attention throughout the season. Tension is increased by his name, and it gets worse after he flees from prison.

7. Shelley played by Simibaitu Ajikambo (Popularly known as “Little Simz”)

Shelley debuted in Season 3 as Dushane’s romantic interest. To provide for her kid and achieve an honest living, Shelley makes a concerted effort to avoid getting involved with Dushane’s activities. but eventually finds out that Dushane isn’t ready to be a family man and is only in it for the money and power.

8. Kit, played by Kadeem Ramsey,

is a key enemy in season three. He was Jamie’s second in command until Jamie killed him in a car to defend his family. Without ever questioning his intentions, Kit obeys his directions and appears to look up to him. Even when Jamie is sentenced to prison, Kit takes on the role of providing for his brothers. While his faith in Jamie never wavers throughout his story, Jamie finds himself in a difficult position that ultimately results in Kit’s murder.

9. Aaron Tovell played by Hope Ikpoku Jr,

is not ready to adapt to his sibling’s lifestyle and instead substitutes it with his educational path. One of the things that draws viewers to Aaron is his academic ability and dedication; as a result, they want him to succeed since he is driven to earn an honest income.

10. Dris Walsh played by Shone Romolus

He served as the second commander following Dushane. Sadly, despite his empathy, he quickly displays his lack of integrity by betraying Sully and Dushane, which causes Sully to execute him. But his presence and death remind us that we live in a horrible world full of vicious individuals

As the series came to a close, the issue on everyone’s mind was whether Stef (Araloyin Oshunremi) was responsible for Sully’s (Kane Robinson) demise or if individuals from Sully’s past sought retribution for the abuse he made them endure. In a cruel twist of fate, Dushane met an undignified end. After fleeing his former best friend, with a meager fraction of his money, he ended up slowly bleeding out from a stomach wound in a desolate alley. However, the series reserved its most chilling moment for the finale, as an unidentified assailant obliterated Sully, splattering his brains across the interior of his Honda. With numerous characters meeting their demise and those who remain carrying unresolved vendettas, a haunting question lingers: Who unleashed the gunshotrobbing us of our Top Boy?

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