From mind to motion. 6 tips to get you working on your dream idea today

So maybe you have a great business idea. It’s probably the next big thing like Facebook or something that will change the whole game like the Ipad or a better alternative to Uber. You’ve thought deeply through it and you know this is an idea people will love. But truth is that an idea in your head is just an idea in your head. It’s not a great one until it’s done!

No one will ever know about it until you set the ball rolling.

The most important thing in every great thing is getting it started. As simple as it can be, it cripples people and often when an idea is not put into motion, the idea may die or someone else may get it done before you.

In this post, we want to share some tips that will help you in getting the next big thing the whole world will see that’s still sitting in your mind in motion.

Write down every idea

This is a very important step. Keep a small book on your bed if your ideas show up after a good night sleep. You can also carry it along with you everywhere if your ideas come unexpectedly. On your phone’s notepad app you can save links to articles you find interesting. Make it a habit to write down every ridiculous thought that hits your brain, every interesting idea from memory, something your lecturer said, something your friend said, or something the Taxi driver said on your way to work. Everything you find interesting can spark a great idea. When you go back to your journal after a while and you will be surprised by what you have.

Focus on 1 idea

If you are someone who produces ideas easily, chances are that you are not getting a lot of your smart ideas done because you are always confused about what to do. Today, you may want to start a clothing business, tomorrow you want to start a podcast, day after you want to organize a party, the day after you want to code a social network. You really have to sit and focus on what you can realistically do at any moment and focus on it. With clear thinking, you can get more done.

Know your tribe

Almost every great idea has someone who supported or made the idea better. All around you are people who will help you in many ways to get your idea rolling. You just need to find them by making friends with people who you think align with your thoughts. It can be that girl who no one really talks to. It can be that boy you sat next to in a shuttle who said something funny or your team leader who knows how to get everyone to complete an assignment. It’s okay to be scared of sharing your idea because someone may copy it, but a few good people may help you. Just find them.

Research, research, research

You never ever know enough about a topic. Even the world’s most renowned experts on any topic are constantly updating their knowledge. You need to be obsessed with research about whatever you want to do. Read every book you can find about it, visit every website that talks about it, be a regular student at on YouTube and Google. Follow everyone in that area you are interested in on social media and talk to people who know more than you. The knowledge you have gathered will help you build it.

Get an internship

Experience puts you way ahead in building your dream. If possible, work for someone or an organization that’s working in the area your dream idea is about. It can be tough getting an internship spot in most places but you need to be consistent in sending applications and approaching people and companies you want to work for. Send as many emails as you can, make as many calls as you can and follow the bosses on social media to see what they’ve been up to. You are never really overdoing it for your dream. Where there is a will, there is always a way.

Failure is nothing

You may fail. It’s the truth about business. Even the best ideas have failed and its mostly by reasons no one could control. But that shouldn’t stop you from starting. It never should. The experience you may gather from starting something will always come in handy. A business you start today may just help prepare you for the next one. Failure should no be your worry. Not starting should be.

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