Discover the Nubuke Foundation’s dream for young Ghanaian artists

The Nubuke foundation – is an art institute in Ghana known for its influence in cementing the gap that local artists have to the international market. Equally, as a well established contemporary art centre in the country, Nubuke foundation has over the years, provided a platform for nurturing artists well into their crafts – all while upholding the culture and art of the people.  

The institute which started in 2006, now showcases a variety of historical pieces and thrilling contemporary art in its unique building architecture – within the heart of Accra. From observation, you can tell that the Nubuke foundation is precise about the value it offers; i.e. growing local talent, creating a community for artists and audience, promoting and preserving culture and arts

Image source – Nubuke Foundation

It is in this regard that the institute expanded its reach into the upper west region, setting up the Nubuke Wa –  centre for textiles and clay as its second wing. The aim of the expansion – to highlight the vibrant weaving, textile and pottery practices of its people. 


YGA or young Ghanaian artists programme is an initiative developed by the Nubuke foundation as an essential structure for artist & craft development, exposure into the art-business industry, accessibility to resources and a vibrant audience. Each year, the programme chooses one artist (between the ages 23 – 30) to cultivate, using forums, creative workshops, critique clinics, and art production & installations. The influence of YGA is evident in the works of it’s past collaborators; Lois Arde-Acquah and Theresa Ankomah (Look at we exhibition – YGA 2020), Cecilia Lamptey Botchway (Make we dance exhibition – YGA 2021) and Simon Bowman Jr. (Music to my eyes exhibition – YGA 2023). These artists, after establishing themselves in the Ghanaian art industry, have remained confident in their work and excelled in international markets as well.

See below the works of these young artists

Photo credit – Lois Arde-Acquah
Photo credit – Theresa Ankomah
Photo credit – Simon Bowman Jnr

Stay tuned to learn more about the selection process for YGA 2024.

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