The Pent Hall week is here again. The famous hostel in the University of Ghana known for its vibrant lifestyle and students began it’s Hall Week on Sunday. This year’s Hall week dubbed Afrocentrix has an interesting line up of events serving the different lifestyles and interest of students. The line up of events will include a Health screening on Wednesday and the popular Artists Night on Saturday which will see some great acts in Ghana rocking the stage.

On Sunday, the Hall week kicked off with picturesque activities features gymnastic,  flamethrowers and diverse fashion and look. The images were too beautiful to ignore. Here are some images for you. Please do pass by sometime this week to experience any of the activities for youself.

This daredevil who plays with fire

These guys who decided to be a tree

This lady who was caught off-guard by the photographer

These girls who actually knew the camera was on them

This girl whose kente whose fashion is absolutely gorgeous

Masquerader Pirate, Masquerader ghost and Black Kakai

These ladies who posed for the camera

These ladies who look stunning