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Bloody Civilian "I don't like you" review on Spark
Bloody Civilian “I don’t like you” review on Spark

As a wise man once said, “To love and to hold no be by force. If somebody no love you, just dey your dey make the person dey en dey”. Relationships have always thrived on the back of mutual understanding and likeness. But in today’s world, people have their definitions for what a relationship is regardless of the nature of the ship be it social, casual, or intimate. Yes, we all deserve love but one thing we must understand is that we cannot force our way into someone’s life. In most cases, it is tough to express your disinterest in a relationship without coming off as rude or self-centered. Whatever you want to say or express, there is always a song that embodies that exact emotion.

On her new song “I Don’t Like You”, Nigerian artiste Bloody Civilian (BC) gets bloody with her words as she sets the records straight on her stance on a relationship with someone. While I would like to keep the context of the relationship very open, I can’t help but feel the relationship here is romantic. Because more often than not it is in such situations that you find people turn a deaf ear to someone saying No to their advances.

“I don’t fucking like you on a normal day”  as an opening line is a very cold-blooded thing to say. As per, no salutation, no exchange of pleasantries, just straight-up hard truth. It does not get more straightforward than that. Bloody goes on to state that she does not hate this person. She just does not like them. This writer believes this clarification is very important. Because anytime you tell someone you do not like them, they assume you hate them but BC says “It’s not like I hate you. It’s just I don’t like you. And my mama says no like you”. For someone’s mother not to like you, you must have bad vibes.

I like the content of the song so much because it covers everything there is when it comes to liking or not liking someone. While people like others for their terms, others like people because of the person’s group of friends or status. But again BC makes it clear that she does not care about who you are or what your friends say about you, she still just does not like you. “And your people like to hype you. But I no look their way.” I stan a queen that stands their ground and will be unmoved.

Bloody Civilian "I don't like you" review on Spark
Bloody Civilian “I don’t like you” review on Spark

Bloody goes on to list several people she does not like just so this person does not feel she is just picking on him. “And I never fucked with Abdullahi. I never fucked with James. You can’t come and give me hypertension all the same.”  I truly respect her honesty and ability to choose peace over stress. Relationships are meant to be a space where you not only feel loved but experience a love that comes with peace and joy. Any person that is claiming “I love you” but is not offering you peace is someone you should be walking from. Earlier, I talked about how people are always vilified just for expressing their disinterest in a relationship. Well, Bloody touches on being crucified and called names just because you refused someone’s proposal. “You can call me loser. You can call me names. And you can call me Lucifer. But I cannot relate.”  As someone that is prioritizing self-care and peace, she says calling her names will not make her love you. It does not matter what you call her, as long as it is not Bloody Civilian, she does not relate.

This song comes off as very simple and easy on the ear. Despite its bumpy club-like nature, it carries weight in its content and lyricism. This song to me is an anthem many will relate to, love and chant on top of their voices in clubs, concerts, parties, etc based on its relatability. For far too long, people have been vilified for expressing their disinterest in a proposal and if you are one such person who does not have the right words to speak, you can always send them this song. And to the people that are trying to force their way into people’s lives, “Just leave me

One time I don’t fucking like you. You can’t come again. I don’t fucking send you” The Gospel according to Rev Bloody. You can now stream “I Don’t Like You” by Bloody Civilian on all platforms

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