Shatta Wale performs at Accravaganza event
Shatta Wale performs at Accravaganza event

Accravaganza Sets Tone For 2023 Detty December

The event sponsored by Guinness Ghana was held in Accra on 2nd December 2023

Written by Nana Kojo Mula

Girl painting at Accravaganza Event
Girl painting at Accravaganza Event

As Davido once said “If weekend go sweet na from Wednesday” Likewise, “If Detty December in Accra go be Detty, nah from 2nd December”

After a successful first edition in September this year, one of the world’s leading beer brands Guinness returned with the second edition of their event Accravaganza. The 12-hour event which ran from 12 pm till 12 am was packed with end-to-end excitement, bliss, and memorable moments.

With Detty December on the horizon, someone needed to set the tone for what we should expect this festive season. While there were other activities in Accra, the stand-out event on the day was Guinness Accravaganza. In the weeks leading up to the event, the organizers embarked on a remarkable promotion which saw news about the event across all mediums. From strategic billboard placements in town, Radio and TV Live Presenter’s Mentions, and vast coverage on social media and online portals, the expectations for the event were at an all-time high.

Ghanaian singer Darkua performs at Accravaganza event
Ghanaian singer Darkua performs at Accravaganza event

As advertised, the gates were opened at exactly noon with several games and activities lined up including live football matches, sip and paint, snooker, archery, a small football-sized football pitch, great drinks, and food all around. Security arrangements were on point. Getting into the venue was not stressful with the security at the post ensuring people used the right channels of entry and exit. The first session was mostly filled with people socializing with their friends and others who came for the event.

By 6pm the second session of the event kicked off with a DJ set by Pluzz FM’s DJ Sleek who got the crowd pumped and ready for the event with back-to-back jams. With an ongoing “Play Ghanaian music” agenda within the space, Sleek’s set proved that we do have a lot of great Ghanaian music that can go the distance. The next session was DJ Gunshot and Mercury Quaye who raised the energy and got the crowd ripe for the picking. Shortly after, DSL kickstarted performances and ushered us properly into the second piece of business.

The crowd was wowed by performances by Darkua, Mestar Oscar, Adina, Demmi, AraTheJay, LaMeme Gang, and the dancehall king Shatta Wale. While the artist may get the praise, this writer believes the DJs and MCs on the night brought their A-Game and they should be given their flowers for the work they put into holding the place together in between performances. Mc Randy Walker delivered an energetic set with the reigning DJ of the year DJ Lord, DJ Slim brought the heat, and Kojo Manuel, Leonardoddj and the Black Volta team all delivered a master class. The work of DJs and MCs during events is as important as the artist performances itself and this writer applauds the work of the many DJs and MCs on the night.

Guinness Accravaganza advertised a concert and they delivered an experience that many patrons have shown interest in wanting to experience again soon. Well, they do not have to wait long because organizers have hinted at a return in the first quarter of 2024. All in all, the second edition of Accravaganza has set the ball rolling for what is going to be an exciting and spectacular Detty December.

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