They say perception is everything. This is very true. What you make people believe about you is the story they will tell others. If it’s done well, it will go a long way to help you. To have people believe in your desired image, you need to stick to a pattern of lifestyle and behavior in your life and even on social media. This post will share 7 of such behaviour patterns you can employ to make everyone believe that you are the next Einstein


All great men and women have a picture like this. Looking into the sky shows that you are a person who looks into the future. The black and white effect gives it a timeless look too. You can alternatively take a picture where your hand is resting on your chin to give your personality an air of thoughtfulness.  It may cost you a little getting a photographer to give you the right look but invest in it and you will be in the league of deep people who ever lived

#2 Have deep fake quotes

Having quotes people know you by is always a good thing. It gives people the sign that you think deeply about life. Hopefully, other people will quote those words and become your disciples.

#3 Reference latin phrases

Latin has always been a scholarly language. Understanding it automatically puts you in the league with Plato and Sophocles and all those people smart people like to quote. The best part is that none of your friends will ever understand or ever look it up.

#4 Wear spectacles

People naturally assume that you are smart when you wear glasses. It could be that you developed an eye problem from endless hours looking into books and computer screen. Even if you don’t have an eye problem, buy one and wear always. The best part is that whenever you want to make a serious point, you can take it off for emphasis

#5 Make your point after everyone else

Whenever your team or class members are confused about something, wait until everyone has spoken and then come in later. The period you wait can help you gather everyone’s thoughts and help you find something wise to say. Also, the group will see you as the voice which comes in to calm matters and solve issues.

#6 Have Alternative Taste

Alternative taste in music, fashion, film and books will have everyone thinking you are different. They will also believe that you search deeper for smarter sources. This taste will support all those deep quotes you say. Intead of reading Shakespeare, read a writer from Iceland no one knows about. Instead of listening to hiphop, listen to rock music from the 70′ s. Just make sure they are real so people can find them online if they ever try to investigate.

#7 Schedule Everything

Take yourself seriously and others will take you too. Have a serious schedule everyone should abide by. If someone wants to visit you and you actually have noting doing, pretend to look at a calendar and give the person a time to be there. Soon, everyone will see you as a principled person who sees time as a precious asset.

These 7 tips will carve the perception in everyon’e mind that you are focused and heading somewhere. People will take your opinions more seriously and think you are the next great philosopher. Good luck trying out these tips.

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