In a thread on X, Music executive Gracey Mae shared 14 Creative ways the Nigerian musician promoted her new album ‘Born in the Wild’

Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer Tems released her first studio album “Born in the wild” on 7th June 2023. The 18-track album has songs featuring Nigerian superstar Asake and one of Hiphop’s greatest rappers J.Cole. But Tems is no new face to global attention, after her breakthrough through Wizkid’s Essence track, Tems has been on a worldwide wave having won a Grammy for the remix of the same song with Justin Bieber and She also co-wrote “Lift me up” by Rihanna which earned “Lift Me Up” by Rihanna, which earned her nominations for both Academy Awards, Golden Globe and Grammy Awards. She has also attended events like the Oscar Awards 2024 and Met Gala 2024. 

Since announcing her album ‘Born in the Wild’ fans have been anticipating this project and Tems delivered with no crumps. However the project’s success was also due to successful marketing and promotion. Tem’s record label and team combined effective marketing channels and strategies to promote this album. PR Executive and Music Business Rockstar Gracey Mae commented on the salient but effective strategies adopted in the promotion on Twitter and why other Artists and labels should pay attention to this.

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14 Music Marketing Tips from Arya Starr’s album rollout by Gracey Mae

1. DSP Priorititazion

2. Sharing iPads to music Industry Executives in Nigeria

3. Sharing food with Influencers and fans

4. Interview with YouTubers

5. Tiny Desk Performance

6. Concert Performances

7. Interview with Nigerian YouTubers

8. Sharing BTS content to share the creative process with fans

9. Featuring on Vogue Publication

10. Interview by Recording Academy

11. Sharing video content with fans

12. Sharing her journey

14. Giant billboards in town

15. Crediting Contributors

Not every Artist may have Tem’s budget or team but you can learn these effective strategies and use them for your release depending on your budget and the resources available.

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