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10 Jobs in Media and Entertainment You Should Know About

The Glitz and The Glamour of the spotlight is blinding!  To be in the limelight means to be lavished with praises and admiration or to suffer brutal scrutiny. Being in the media and Entertainment is dare-I-say, a career for the brave. 

Regardless of your reason for walking this career path, there are a lot of options for you if you love the spotlight or are just intrigued with the process of handling tasks behind the scenes, there is always an option that encourages creative individuality.

These are some career options that are available for you if you are passionate about Media and Entertainment and would like to work in the industry!


Journalists are responsible for researching, writing and reporting on news and current events for newspapers, magazines, websites, and television and radio programs. They may also be responsible for conducting interviews, taking photographs, and editing their own work. Journalism is an important career all over the world and is an ever-evolving career with opportunities for everyone. If you love to inform or entertain or keep people updated on trends, then this is the ideal career for you.

Film and Television Producer

Producers are responsible for the overall production of a film or television show. They oversee the budget, schedule, and hiring of cast and crew. They also work closely with the director to ensure the final product meets the desired vision. This career path is a perfect blend of project management, creativity and human management skills to get the job done. If you love to stay in the background and enable creatives work, then this is for you.


You love to be in charge and bring your visions to reality. As a creative, you assume good leadership roles and can work well under pressure. If you can mobilize people to ensure your vision becomes an awesome reality, then this is the profession for you! Directors are needed in films, theatre and even Television show Production


To be a writer means to let your creative juices flow by putting pen to paper. If you have an unusually beautiful imagination and you desire the freedom of penning down your creative ideas which in turn will be shown on the big screen or featured in a book, newspaper or website, this is an option for you!

Public Relations Specialist

Public Relations (PR) specialists help organizations and individuals to build and maintain a positive image through the media. They may be responsible for writing press releases, arranging interviews, and organizing events. This is a career with many parts and potential. For the bold and confident, this is both challenging and rewarding.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers help organizations to build and maintain a strong online presence. They create and manage content on social media platforms, engage with followers, and analyze metrics to measure the success of their campaigns

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers create visual concepts, using computer software or by hand, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. They develop the overall layout and production design for various applications such as advertisements, brochures, magazines, and corporate reports.

Creative Director

In institutions like Television stations, radio stations, fashion houses and Art galleries, the Creative Director oversees all Creative work done by the company. This role requires that you oversee Creatives from different disciplines combining their strengths and skills to achieve the Creative vision of the Organization you work for. If you are Creative now and wants to lead a team and manage their work to achieve feats never seen before, then this is for you.


Editors are responsible for reviewing and revising written and visual content for newspapers, magazines, websites, and other forms of media. They may also be responsible for fact-checking and ensuring the accuracy of the content

Personal Manager

All creative people require a manager to manage their day-to-day affairs and brands. Managers help Creative people be their very best and connect with their audience. From Music Artists, actors, models, dancers, and even writers, managers are required to help Creatives manage their personal lives and work life

In a fast-growing world, Media and Entertainment is one of the most profitable and exciting industries to work in. Whatever you are studying in school currently, you can find a role fit for you in media and Entertainment.

This article was written by Brianna. Follow her on social media @briana.the.first

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