Snapchat Influencer Ohemaa Brew

OhemaaBrew Asks: What is your Worst Date Experience?

A few days ago, one of Snapchat’s popular influencers in Ghana OhemaaBrew asked a very familiar and interesting question on her status. If you are old enough, you definitely have been on a couple of dates with someone you just met or you are getting to know. But sometimes, these dates turn bizarre with experiences we just dont want to relive.

We put together some of the most interesting responses so you can read and share with your friends. Let’s know your experience too in the comment section if you are not too embarassed to share it

This person who hated their date’s fashion sense

This person who had a lot more to say about the subject

This girl whose date had to meet the President

This one who wanted to save money on extra restaurant charges

A case of bad air of a mysterious kind

Fish allergies are a real turn off

“Story for another day”

She was probably talking to her cousin

This tops them all for us…

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