It is a feat to complete university and an even more remarkable feat to complete university with a thriving business. It must be mind-boggling for student entrepreneurs to juggle their studies and still have successful side hustles. Join this jolly ride for a captivating showcase spotlighting the innovative businesses and side hustles created by our brilliant student community.

From fashion connoisseurs to beauty grooming to music producers and more, you will witness firsthand the passion, creativity, and determination that drives these young student entrepreneurs.

1. Siribeatz – Music Producer
Read about these student Entrepreneurs in Ghana

An incredible beats producer who stands out. With his versatile music, unique brand, and fearless creativity, he captures your attention and keeps you hooked. Siribeatz takes listeners on a sonic journey, infusing different genres into his mesmerizing beats. His brand exudes sophistication and artistry, while his creative direction pushes boundaries and brings fresh innovation, a final-year student at Ashesi University, and one of the student entrepreneurs you should know. Siribeatz is a shining example of talent and dedication; we love to watch him shine

2. LongJon DeBlogger
Read about these student Entrepreneurs in Ghana

Do you wish there was a more engaging and easily accessible medium to keep you updated about current events? This young blogger is known for his controversial style, constantly stirring up conversations and keeping people on their toes. And can we talk about his massive following? He has a dedicated fanbase with over 30K followers across all social media platforms. But it does not end there! Longjon has collaborated with big-name artists like King Promise, Kuami Eugene. Get to know more about Longjohn from his Instagram account.

3. Herman Suede – Musician
Read about these student Entrepreneurs in Ghana

Meet Herman Suede. The musical sensation who is taking the Ghanaian music scene by storm!  He is a talented musician and balances schoolwork as a third-year student at Ashesi University. Suede’s passion for music shines through his soulful vocals and catchy tunes that have captured the hearts of fans across the country and the globe. He is a true inspiration to aspiring artists and other student entrepreneurs, proving that with hard work and dedication, dreams can be pursued while pursuing an education. We cannot wait to see what he will accomplish next! Follow Herman Suede on Instagram here

Suede pon the beeeeat!!!

4.  Lahari’s Event – Creative Event Designer

Lahari’s Event is more than just an event-organizing business. Owned and run by Poanaba Wuni, a final-year student of Ashesi University and one of our favorite student entrepreneurs, this hub of creativity dabbles in the art of event organization, parcel wrapping, and so much more. Their design expertise brings a unique touch to every occasion, guaranteeing that your event is a memorable and visually stunning experience. With Lahari’s Event, your celebration will be a masterpiece that leaves a lasting impression.

5. Pastels – Clothing (Brand)
Read about these student Entrepreneurs in Ghana

Based in the heart of Accra, the Pastels Clothing brand brings its vibrant and culturally inspired designs to life. Their models culturally appropriate the wearing of waist beads while showcasing beautifully handmade bikinis and loungewear that flatter every body type. With collections like Sky and Fire, Athleisure, Skin, and Trips, Pastels encourages everyone to “live life in colour”. And guess what? The queen leading the way, Lady Dadzie, triumphantly hurdled and balanced Ashesi’s workload with the logistics and gimmicks of the thriving Pastels.

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