"Share the worst experience you've ever had with your roommate

Snapchat Influencer Debor asked her followers this question about roommates and the responses are hilarious and funny

Roommates are one of the best parts of our schooling experience, they are like siblings or guardian angels you meet in school. The right ones end up becoming best friends and people we can tell secrets to, share passions, and build interests in stuff we all care about. But sometimes they can be the worst people.

A few weeks ago, Snapchat Influencer Debor asked her followers via SendIt “What’s your worst roommate Experience” The answers were funny and shocking at the same time and we have compiled some of them here for you to read

After reading all these stories from anonymous users, we hope you don’t relate to any of these terrible experiences and you find some of the greatest people as roommates.

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Watch this video of Debor reading the wildest comments she received

Princella Debor Odonkor

Princella Debor Odonkor

is a level 300 student at the University of Ghana, Legon studying Bachelor of Arts. She is active on Snapchat with a fast-growing community. Follow her social media pages here