Simple Pinterest inspired Room Decor Ideas

Planning a room decor that matches your personal vibe can be hectic if you are new to exploring what you like in style or simply lacking design inspiration for your disorganized space. Having to come up with different designs that compliment different sections of the room is a feat that can be hard to achieve.

With these simple Pinterest inspired ideas, your room will go from looking “flat” and cluttered to a fancy living space that suits you. Follow these key tips at the start of the planning phase of your room decor. And save yourself much hustle. See list below:


  • Measure your space first
  • Make room for lighting
  • Pick a color
  • Choose a theme
  • Think of storage space
  • Accessorize

Use 1 base color and 2 shades

The 3 color rule – Choosing a general color for your space is a great way to start your decor. It much better, however if you pair your base colour with two other shades or tints that compliment it. Deciding color choice is not dependent on wall paints only – it must include color scheme of items like furniture, rugs, curtain etc. Pick a base color of white, grey, brown or green for starters – from there you work your way up. Because sticking with a monochrome inspired palette gives your space more openness and warmth.

Add texture and patterns

Using monochrome colors alone can make your room appear very flat. Adding textures and patterns balances out a space nicely. Depending on the theme you’re going for, you can alternate between items like rough textured couches, wooden furniture and perhaps a warm colored rug or throw pillows. Plants can also be a great addition to a living space. And although this is more of a personal choice, experimenting at least once with small snake plants or peace lily gives off a rich texture you may love.

Use longer curtains

Adding floor to ceiling curtains to your space is an essential move that can add layers and depth to your decor. This technique is often used to give a room a more luxurious feel – so switching out your blinds or short curtains for a multi-layered drape or ceiling long curtains improve the look and feel. Sheer curtains for one are known to allow good lighting into the room. So depending on the number of window panes in your room, you can try out as many curtains in order to know which works best for your space and theme.

Play around with accent Lights

Having a single source of light for an entire space can cause dullness, diminishing the beauty of a room. As we know, larger windows are always a good choice when introducing light into your space. However, when thinking indoor lighting, you can use accent lights to support your single ceiling light. Accents lights highlights special sections of the room and gives it more depth and coziness. Use lamps, track lights, display or LED lights or multiple chandeliers to achieve an elaborate lighting in your room.

Accessorize with Art

A room decor isn’t complete unless it has a statement art piece. The hero of the room. Art, wall frames, sculptures etc. are vital in harmonizing room decorations. The are very vital because of the big personalities they come with. One can tell a story with the type of art she consumes. It not only brightens a room but exudes a of hominess. To seal in the vibe in your refurbished place, throw in a giant family portrait or wood art.

Make sure to try these decor ideas and let us know what you think

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