Self love over beauty: Now that’s a flawless look

Let’s see…. Simple is best so maybe this white T-shirt and jeans??? Yeah… But there’s also this flowered shirt that i could tuck into the jeans for a classy look. Yeah but that means I have to wear heels. In this sun?? Oh oh this dress would be amazing. I will look like that girl did on Instagram. She had mad likes. But…. I don’t have enough followers on Instagram.

How about a loose dress? Really? What am I hiding underneath??? Wow. So many options and still nothing to wear. Do I hold my hair up in a high pony? Maybe that’ll get the outfit right. But my natural hair doesn’t feel beautiful enough. I should get a weave.

I need to wear makeup. I need to hide all these spots and create an illusion of a thinner nose. How I wish my nose was smaller. I would totally SLAAAAY!! Snapchat filters won’t fail me but I need the right amount of sunlight. Hmmm! My room is not picture worthy so maybe I need to wait till I am in a car to snapchat. Maybe I should just chill in the room and watch movies. I’m not ready for the world to see me.

No girl wants to be a fashion criminal. A best case scenario is people talking about your heavy make-up behind your back. A worst case scenario is someone taking a picture without your knowledge and making you the subject of a joke in a group chat. How you look has an unswerving influence on how you feel about yourself and how you achieve your daily tasks.

All these moments of self-consciousness interrupt your abilities to learn or work, and whether we’d care to admit or not, are quite frankly a waste of time.

Honestly, trying to impress each one of the thousands of people you pass by every day is almost impossible. If you are Kim Kardashian, not everyone will give you a positive approval. So instead, look somewhere where else for approval. Look within yourself. Find beauty in your imperfections. Accept who you are and build your confidence. Learn to feel good when you look “normal”. Convince yourself that you look superb and walk in that aura.

All these tips are easier said than done. But honestly, it’s very possible. It’s going to take a lot more work. Maybe just around the same work, you’d put in to get an A+ on the most difficult subject. It’s an everyday goal. Whether you choose to look trendy, slay every day or prefer your hair short, choose to wear makeup only on your birthday or even if you prefer your dress with shoulder pads, once you are confident in how you look the world will go with it. Your self-confidence is the best pose you could run-way with. So rock it

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