Paapa Versa Begins 2024 as a “Brand New” Person

Written By Raven Kuewor

Paapa Versa, known for his empathetic and broad musical style, has never been afraid to open up to his fans through his music. The multi-hyphenate, who wears many hats as a producer, singer-songwriter, and rapper, has constantly taken fans through his various life phases. In his 2023 album, Versa Villa, he gave them a glimpse into the insecurities, grief, and loss he faced and his journey to healing and fulfillment. Having shared his life with fans, the Afrosoul artist sought to be a mouthpiece for fans in 2024. To that effect, he announced the project “24 Songs in 2024,” which will see him release a new song every two weeks. Paapa Versa will rely on fans for themes to sing about, as he has done in his live looping sessions on YouTube.

The first song from the project is the self-composed chill “Brand New,” which highlights new beginnings and optimistic feelings about life. Released on January 5, it combines retro and highlife with a touch of soul. The inspiration for the single came when Paapa Versa was trying to figure out the next step in his life. “I was feeling crippled by mistakes from the past, but a breakthrough conversation with a loved one gave me the spark to start a new chapter,” he revealed. While “Brand New” was made in two days, the creative process involved a feeling of hopelessness from Paapa Versa. He recalled writing and scrapping three songs while trying to find the perfect sound. After reminding himself he needed a brand new song to kickstart his “24 Songs in 2024” project, he got the inspiration for the song’s lyrics, and the rest is history.

Having released the first song from his ambitious project, Paapa Versa will rely on fans for topics for the remaining 23 songs. Just as “brand new” was suggested on Instagram, the Afrosoul singer will seek inspiration from fans for the upcoming releases. This is, however, not new to Paapa, who had interacted with fans on YouTube live and created songs from keywords given to him during his live looping sessions. In an initiative he started in 2023, Paapa Versa created songs in the space of five minutes from random words given by viewers, such as “Ghana” and “Sweet November.”

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