Watch: QnA with one of Twitter Ghana’s biggest Influencers @AbeikuLytle

Abeiku has one of the most exciting accounts on Ghana Twitter and there is a reason for that.

With over 29,000 followers on Twitter, Some of Abeiku’s tweets have been noticed by celebrities both in Ghana and outside Ghana. We caught up with him a year ago to get to know more about him and to talk about how he uses this influence for social good.

Having been on Twitter for over 7 years, we spoke about the current state of the social media app and his opinion about it.

Twitter used to be less angry. It used to be a lot more fun but this current Twitter is more socially aware. People tackle a lot of social issues from different aspects. We have come to understand it’s not all about jokes and RT


He believes influence is about impact. He uses the social media currency he has to support charity courses and help brands promote advertising and marketing campaigns as well.

He also has a foundation that supports the underprivileged in society. Most of the funds for the foundation is raised through social media.

Watch the full interview below and follow him on twitter if you are not doing so already.

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