Exploring Ghanaian art from around the world 

Africa’s (Ghanaian) cultural display across  the world is widely known as a remnant of history belonging to its indigenous people. In that regard, when the world reflects on art produced by Africans, it’s often likened to art pieces that accompany the horrendous stories of slavery, the spirituality of African people, its social/class structures and landscape. These artworks are mainly categorized as masked art, sculptures, carvings, weaving  and pottery – pieces made from gold, bronze, wood, stone materials. Other art forms are captured as textured materials, cloth patterns and even traditional regalia.

In modern times, art made by Ghanaians (Africans), have grown to accommodate the newer concepts; the use of digital image manipulations, illustrations and use of newer materials like gallons, rubber, prints patterns and performative installations. Themes cut across in diverse ways – personal histories, race, as well as modern social issues. And although these go beyond very traditional concepts, artists always give reverence to old ways of art and design. 

In appreciation of Ghanaian art, we explore modern artworks across international museums, open displays and exhibitions all over the world. These pieces are captured in varying art forms and themes, however have an underlying tone of Africanists concepts. 

Image rights and credit duly given to all artists and display houses included in this article

Serge Attukwei Clottey – Simon Lee Gallery, London

Artwork: Crossroads – April, 2023

Ibrahim Mahama – Desert X AlUla 2024

Ibrahim Mahama, Dung Bara – The Rider Does Not Know the Ground Is Hot (2024). Exhibition view: Desert X AlUla (9 February–23 March 2024). Courtesy The Royal Commission for AlUla. Photo: Lance Gerber.

El Anatsui – Art Basel Hong Kong 2024

Art piece: A desire to get away

El Anatsui – Hyundai Commission at Tate Modern

Title: Behind the red moon exhibition

Nana Kweku Boateng – Derwent Art Prize Shortlist

Art work: Portrait of Nii 2024

Amoako Boafo – Mexico City Solo Exhibition

Installation view: Amoako Boafo: The one that got away, 2024. Photo by Mariela Viquez. Courtesy the artist and Mariane Ibrahim.

Atta Kwami – Serpentine Garden Mural

Atta Kwami, Dzidzɔ kple amenuveve (Joy and Grace), Serpentine North Garden, April 2024

Nana Kwadwo – Unfold gallery 2024

Betty Acquah – Efie Gallery Dubai Exhibition

Image source: Artsy

Kwesi Botchway – Vielmetter Los Angeles Exhibition

Title: There’s more than what the eye witnesses – June, 2024

Prince Gyasi – Balmain Autumn/Winter 2024

In our exploration of modern Ghanaian art around the world, we got introduced to very rich and diverse portfolios by numerous artists — that go beyond this article. In all, the underlying message carried in each piece of art shares a similarity with very traditional concepts of African people and their intricate social structures. Not so much has changed in the stories behind African-Ghanaian art, except for the use of digital imagery as a process of creation.

Explore more of Ghanaian art and share with us what you think. #BetheSpark

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