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In our 15th edition, we interview one of Nigeria's superstars Oxlade about his music and his life. Discover budget-friendly restaurants in Accra, laugh at comments about the "Craziest thing you've done for love" and  more

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Go down memory lane with some of our Reader's Favourites

Securing an internship should be top of your to-do list since it can be a great way to gain valuable experience and build connections in your desired field. However, the process of finding and applying for internships can be competitive and overwhelming. Here we share tips on how you can secure an Internship.

How to secure an Internship
Spark Magazine features 10 emerging Artists from Ghana and Kenya

Update Your Playlist with new music from Ghana and Kenya

You know you need to discover some new music when the jams on your playlist sound the same. On this edition’s playlist, our curator based in Nairobi Zed Mukoya who runs his own PR firm is taking charge by putting us on some of the dopest emerging Artists based in Kenya and Ghana. These Artists embody everything we love about the continent.

Looking for a new challenge?

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