Music Review of hip-hop artist BermudaCal

BermudaCal, the independent artist hailing from Bermuda, is captivating audiences with his latest release, “GOD,” a dynamic hip-hop track exploring doubt and introspection. The single is a compelling preview of his upcoming album, The Divinity of Doubt, merging jazz, hip-hop, trap, UK garage, and house influences. Born to Scottish parents, BermudaCal’s distinctive sound incorporates melodic hooks and standout saxophone solos, inspired by artists like Post Malone, Frank Ocean, and jazz legends such as Miles Davis. “GOD,” the lead single, showcases BermudaCal’s musical evolution, delving into existential questioning as he converses with God, oscillating between intensity and introspection. BermudaCal invites fans on a soul-searching journey, promising The Divinity of Doubt will further highlight his genre fusion and versatility. 

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