Get some popcorn and chill with these exciting shows on iflix this month

If you don’t haven’t subscribed to Iflix, chances are you are not experiencing the awesomeness that subscription video on demand offers, great TV shows, movies and series when you want it, how you want it! Not to worry though, we got you! Here are two shows that will be streaming on Iflix in March. Download the app, create an account and stream all you want on Iflix. Have fun!

El Hotel de los secretos

This is a Mexican soap that truly beats the norm. For one, it has a historic setting and the efforts put in by the actors, production design and everyone on the creative team do a great job of delivering a very believable story of secrets, mystery and deceit from all the different characters that come together to fundamentally create the story. All of the episodes are currently streaming on iflix. Download, log on and enjoy the show.

The LEGO channel

The Lego channel offers a wide range of content like Ninjago Masters of Spinjitzu, Nexo Knights, Friends of Heartlake City, Jurassic World Indominus Escape, Marvel Superheroes Maximum Overload, Marvel Superheroes Avenger Reassembled, DC Superheroes Batman Beleaguered, and City Shorts. That’s a looot for your viewing pleasure. Grab a snack and dive in

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