11 Awesome Ghanaian Illustrators You Should Follow on Instagram Right Now

You know say this country get some mad pipol wey dey draw,  pipol wey dema drawings dey bost mind? Talent dey this country.

Dis pipol dema drawings be fresh, funky den unique waa wey e dey on the same level as illustrators wey dey work for big companies like Disney, Marvel den DC.  Some of dem sef dey work for these kind companies but lowkey.

Chale, talent dey Ghana but sometimes, e hard say you go find am. But make you no shake. I list some of the bossu Ghanaian Illustrators wey you fit follow for Instagram today norr.

Make we go.

1. Natasha Nayo

This woman ein drawings get plenty color. Ein work check like all your favourite ice cream flavours plus bofrot. She also be animator wey recently, she do some wicked presentation for Accra Animation Film Festival on women wey dey the animation industry for Africa.

Follow am den just spy ein work.

2. Kobina Taylor

If you dey spy anime waa, you really go feel this guy in art. This guy in art get some grungy texture wey dey make am different kraa. Wey e also make sure say in characters dey look like we norr so no be say Japanese drawings p3p3p3.

3. Kofi Ofosu

This guy in work eh, stop! E just dey bee. E dey focus on character designs wey ein characters just be mad. Ein colours no be plenty, e just be calm wey e dey make you relax kraa. E get plenty styles wey e dey post different works like every day.

You for follow am.

4. Shika Odamtten

This girl be fashion designer den illustrator. You go see say ein fashion really dey influence ein art style. She too she dey love colour wey e dey bee waaa. She too she get some nice texture for ein art inside.

Abeg follow am sharp.

5. Alfred Achiampong

Character design check. Awesome Instagram feed check. Alfred in art just be guy. If you spy Alfred in art, e check like ein characters want jump from the phone top come your der. Ein anatomy dey on some different level wey in coloring too dey on point.

Abeg check am.


6. Emmanuel Dankyi

This guy just be some all-round boss. E dey draw, e dey do design, e sansu be animator wey e also dey write! E dey specialize in vector art, something plenty pipol no shedda dey do for Gh. Ein art too be very free like am norr. I knorr sake of this Squid Mag interview e do.


7. Afroscope

Isaac Opoku aka Afroscope be some alien for illustration inside. E do ah, e dey do more photo manipulation too. Ein art be cosmic pass. If you fit see the world through god in eye inside, I sure say what Afroscope dey create be how the world dey. E no be shock say e win the Kuenyehia Prize for Art in 2017. Ein Instagram feed dey bee like hot kelewele den nkatie.

Just spy den chew some.


8. Bertil Toby Svanekiaer

This guy be hands down, the number one 3D animator for Ghana. You ever spy Jayso ein Have A Party music video? Yeah, him e do. If e no dey animate, e dey create very cool 3D characters.

You for check am out quickest.


You dey hate Times New Roman den Comic Sans? Me too. Dem fonts be ugly pass. But where the nice fonts dey? Audrey check like some encyclopedia of beautiful fonts wey she dey combine am den some really cool illustrations. If you dey search some cool posters or book covers wey no check like Aki Ola series in covers but get some very creative vibe, this be who you for link.

Spy in work


10. Xane Asiamah

Phew. This guy erh. Ein art check like magic den medicine. Who be your favourite person? Ama Rae? Make e draw am den you see. E go give am some fresh vibe den add some mind borsting concept to am.

One image dey talk 1000 words so you just spy in work.


11. Awo Tsegah

Be like Awo den Afroscope dey chop breakfast from the same koko seller cause, no be small illustration den photo manipulation dem dey do. Awo in art be smart pass. She dey fit play with words some type way den she go add ein illustrations or do magic with ein photos den create some art wey go bost your mind den make you laugh at the same time.

You really for follow Awo.

Phew! I finish. More squad dey but these be the ones dem dey catch me rydee. Some squad too dey but I sure say you know dem already cause dem dey ch3 wey dem claim name already. I go mention dem add just in case you no know them already.

El Carna


Bright Ackwerh

Hanson Akatti

Gyimah Gariba


If you dey like these kind drawings wey you also dey like animation den comics wey you want see what dey happen for Africa, abeg check out Squid Mag; dem get the froy3 all.




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